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Truly Vilasrao!
Vilasrao in Delhi /
National Leader Vilasrao
Social & National acceptance and recognition
Personality Quality
Life Sketch
The Beginning !
Minister of State to Cabinet Minister
Successes in ministeries
5 years Away from Power !
Phoenix Rising from Ashes again !
CM Vilasrao's Crisis Management
Important decisions as Chief Minister
What do Friends and Colleagues Say !
26 May 2007 Special Issue.
What do Friends and Colleagues Say !


1) Minister Chhagan Bhujbal
Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh's journey from being Babhalgaon Sarpanch to Maharashtra's CM not once, but twice has always amazed me. My political journey too had started from a scratch just like him and hence I have a feeling of close bond with him for this reason. Cong-NCP Aghaadi govt came into power in 1999 and Vilasrao Deshmukh became the CM for the 1st time and I became Dy. CM. for the 1st time. I got to know his work style and various facets of his personality while working with him closely. I do not remember getting into any kind of difference or argument with him. Vilasrao is an ideal example on how 'Aghaadi Dharma' must be balanced. In one line, I would just say he is a man having a great heart and is a wonderful human being.

2) Mohan Prakash (Akhil Bharatiya Congress Committee Gen.Secy):
Vilasrao Deshmukh has always tried to follow the principles of secularism. He has always kept farmers, farm labourers, and general commoners at the centre stage. He has covered tremendous political ground from being Babhalgaon Sarpanch to Union Minister. He has been party in charge of affairs of Gujarat and Chattisgadh. He has worked superbly in all capacities. He is a tremendous speaker and has an eye-pleasing and cheerful personality. Congress and entire nation has great expectations from him. He always has had good control over administration. He has always tried hard to bring in as much foreign investments as possible. He has taken Maharashtra to new roads of progress.

3) MLC Ulhasdada Pawar-We share a long friendship, right from college days. I am extremely fortunate to have a friend like him. He started his career in Pune as a lawyer and started practicing here. He went on to Latur and also practiced there for a short duration. His dedication to social service though compelled him to take political path.

He is one leader who carries out the responsibility entrusted upon him with complete confidence and with sincerity and integrity. He made his mark on elections in Kerala, TN, Gujarat, MP,UP as a fantastic orator in Hindi and English. He touches the chord of the listener with his excellent fluency in all 3 languages, positive body language, humourous and witty style. The fact that Hon.Soniaji Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh gave him chance to be a Union Minister despite not being a member of any house, speaks volumes about his ability.

4) Digambar Kamat(CM, Goa)-Relations between Maharashtra and Goa have always been affable and pleasant during Vilasrao Deshmukh's tenure as Chief Minister. Goa is what you can call a 'mine' of artists. Vilasrao was handling cultural affairs ministry and we all have experienced his artistic mind and how well he responds to good work from artists.

5) Eknathrao Khadse(BJP Leader, Leader of Opposition, Mah Vidhansabha)-He is a different individual altogether, always cheerful and pleasant. His speaking style catches the mind of opposite person immediately. I have observed in Sabhagriha many times that he used to study the topic thoroughly before speaking on the same. He always used to mesmerize everyone with his speaking style.

6) Madhukar Pichad(State President, NCP)-He has taken Mah to new roads of progress. He knows issues faced by almost all areas, be it Marathwada, Vidarbha, Western Mah or Konkan. He has tried to solve these issues judiciously. He does not have any animosity feeling against anyone despite being in the field of politics, which is an outstanding quality in him.

7) Barrister A.R.Antulay(Ex-Mah CM, Ex-Union Min)-Maharashtra is known as state where various important schemes are first started and then implemented and taken up all over the country. It is a wonderful thing that Vilasrao Deshmukh took decision of 1st starting 'Alpasankhyank Vibhag' in Mah to provide justice to the deprived.